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Hollywood Bingo was such an incredible event. Everyone loved it from start to finish! Couldn’t have asked for a more funny engaging and successful event!

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  We bring the red carpet and the velvet ropes to you, for a night of fun!

What is Hollywood Bingo?

Hollywood Bingo is a game show which, "…is a cross between bingo, trivia night and Let's Make a Deal."

A Bingo game played with with celebrity portraits and like normal game play, players try to match 5 of their celebrities in a row to win.

During game play, questions are asked relating to the celebs that pop up throughout the game play. People earn tokens for each right answer and can trade them in for prizes. So players can win bingo and earn prizes from trivia. Additionally, those prizes can be traded in for a mystery prize—which may be a better prize... or not. To make it more interesting, we offer alternate deals in form of small games and chances to win even more!



More than just Bingo

How well do you know your favorite celebrities? With this game you have to!

- As we play bingo, celebrities replace the normal numbers in the Bingo game. As they appear, we ask the contestants questions relating to the clebs. If contestants answer correctly they earn tokens. At the end of each round we have our bingo winner who wins a big prize... but there is more than just one winner in Hollywood Bingo!  Each contestant that earned a token gets put in the capsule vending machine to receive cash and prizes!



We already do a Bingo Night. Why Hollywood Bingo?

Hollywood Bingo is exponentially more fun than your normal Bingo game! Why? Because it's not just the game, it's an event! This is a evening-full, professionaly created and run event, hosted by a nationally touring comedy entertainer.

HB is more than just Greedy Bingo too!  Sure, Greedy Bingo is fun but it's really just a simple game of bingo but played for big prizes. Greedy Bingo is all well and good but only 1 person walks away with a cool prize each round- only about 4 total winners in a night. EVERYONE else leaves disappointed and worse, with poor memories of a game they didn't win.

With the Hollywood Bingo Game Show the vast majority of contestants, if not all, walk away with a prize... and more importantly a fun, memorable experience. Everyone is not only hands on playing bingo, but engaged the entire game, answering questions and excited to be apart of the game. There is no dull moments in Hollywood Bingo!

Even the normal boring reset time between rounds of a Bingo game is an exciting fun filled opportunity to win prizes in HB!


From he moment your students arrive, they are invested in the game play. They enter through the velvet ropes onto the red carpet to receive their bingo board. They are then connected to their card as they select the celebrities they want toplay he game with. Best of all, everything mentioned is provided!



- Having a specifically themed event? Hollywood Bingo is perfect for you and we can even theme the game to your event.  Past event themes have included- Harry Potter, Disney, Halloween and Super Heroes.


We help you promote your upcoming events-  We can promote your organization's events and not just by talking about thembut giving away a pair of tickets. Better yet, we can also be used as a cross promotion tool. EX-  Let's do a Disney themed Hollywood Bingo on Weds night talking about the Bus trip to "Disney on Ice" the next day on Thursday. Having a super hero movie night? Perhaps showing Capt America Civil War or Suicide Squad? No problem, we can put on the Super Hero Hollywood Bingo for you!


Perfect For...

Perfect for orientation! We can use your Orientation theme for the Bingo game and giveaway your school prizes like your campus book store gift certificates. Hollywood Bingo is great for new students but we have to say this is the ultimate entertainment or family orientation. Parent orientation also eats it up! For student orientation we also have an additional competition between each OL group for who can earn he most points for additional prizes. Creates a competition and a new student bonding experience along the way.

A BINGO Game show - A new campus Game show - Gameshow Bingo


Everyone's favorite game with a new spin/twist


More fun than just BINGO, it's a full game show! A bingo game, celebrity trivia game and more!

Contestants customize their own bingo board when they arrive on the red carpet. They create their own personal experience my picking their favorite celebs within each category and create their own luck by deciding how they lay them out on their board.


Suggestions for prizes-

-DVD player, movies, Redbox rentals, Netflix/Hulu subscriptions, movie snacks of popcorn and candy, movie tickets

-cash, ipads, toys, gaming systems

-gift certificates to school store, campus food locations, local stores (ask for donations)

and any thing else you would like to give away to your campus!



-Having a specifically themed event? Celeb Bingo is perfect for you and we can even theme the game to your event.  etc. EX. Harry Potter, Disney

We help you promote your upcoming events-  We can promote your organization's events by talking about them while giving away tickets. Better yet, we can also be used as a cross promotion tool. EX- Bus trip to "Disney on Ice" on Thursday so Disney themed Hollywood Bingo on Weds night. Super hero movie night? No problem, we can super

Libraries- Book Bingo! Everything from harry Potter and the Hunger Games to the Bearnstein Bears and Where's Waldo


Optional Ca$h Cube!!!

What's better then having money thrown at you? Add more excitement to your event with the Bingo Ca$h Cube.

The Cube is an add on to the Bingo game. Perfect for the end of each bingo round. At the end of each round, game winners can take a turn in the cash cube for the chance to win fist fulls of cash.

If you would like to have cash be the prize for winners rather than a big prize at the end of a round. Additional cost based on location.



Good for library programming, camps


Free Space is hollywood walk of fame star