What is Todd’s Choose Your Own Adventure Magic Show?

It’s a brand new, first of its kind, completely interactive magic show. You are the star of the show! You control what happens next! With every choice you are changing the outcome of the whole show.  No two shows will be the same. What paths will you choose?

How do I join the adventure?

If you are in the audience and have a cell phone, you have a hand in altering the journey. During the Choose Your Own Adventure Magic Show, at the end of each section of the show you can choose what happens next by texting in your choice from the options. You can follow the current narrative of the show or go down a different path all together. Just like the books you grew up with, the choices are yours and yours alone; each have different outcomes and some have repercussions. Unlike those stories, you are not in any danger but you could put Todd at risk—it’s all up to you.

I’m interested. Tell me about the show!

Forget what you know about a typical magic act because Todd guarantees this is a totally different kind of show. Sure, he makes things appear and disappear, he can make objects float in mid-air and even reads minds. The twist: all of this could happen or none of this could happen...or it may happen all at the same time. It’s up to you!

An impressive array of tricks and illusions along with mind-reading, juggling and comedy—that you get to choose—creates an unforgettable, magical experience. If you want to provide your audience with mesmerizing moments and exceptional entertainment that will create lifelong memories, then Todd’s show is for you!

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- 100% interactive show

- Mind-blowing magic

- Unbelievable mind-reading

- Laugh out loud moments

-  Never before seen show

-  Your guests become stars of the show!


You try to put on the best events you can for your campus. This one is guaranteed to be perfect for everyone!

Let Todd help you give a special night to your entire campus.

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Show after show Todd draws a crowd and always receives rave reviews. Be Todd's next satisfied client.