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Todd prides himself in his family-friendly college show— not a “kids’ show” but a clean show for adult audiences.

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      Throw out any preconceived ideas you have of a typical magician because Todd puts on a different kind of show. Sure, he makes things appear and disappear, he can make objects float in mid-air, he creates balloon animals and sometimes, he even eats fire. The twist: this all happens within just the first 10 minutes of Todd’s show!

  With over an hour of entertainment, Todd fuses his impressive array of his unique magic tricks and illusions with juggling, fire eating, escapes and comedy. Audience participation coupled with Todd's own conversational and intimate style of magic makes his show one of a kind and an unforgettable, magical experience.

     If you're looking for unique, quality and original entertainment that's no-hassle, draws a crowd on your campus, keeps them in their seats and will have them talking long after, then Todd’s show is for you! Check out his sample show video for yourself and see him performing in venues just like yours.


     - Highly interactive show packed w/ mind-blowing magic

     -  Laugh out loud with your friends

     -   You make suggestions and get involved in the show

     -   Have your mind read and your items used

     -   Become the magic!


Don’t take a chance on entertainment and disappoint your group. Bring in Todd!

Show after show- Todd draws a crowd and always receives rave reviews