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If Todd’s award-winning stage show isn’t right for your event, his close up magic can entertain crowds of any size, in any venue!

Whether he’s strolling through a school's campus dining hall or mingling with VIPs at a cocktail party, Todd will bring his unique and conversational style of magic from the stage right to your guests, up close and personal.  He will have everyone engaged and participating as he borrows cell phones, money or jewelry to make the magical entertainment a truly up-close and personal experience or your guests.

Todd will approach and engage different groups at your event with conversation, tricks and even a few laughs. His goal is simple: Enhance your event while creating wonderful memories for your guests.

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Featured Entertainment

- Perfect for entertaining smaller groups or guests waiting in long lines.

- Impress colleagues at business events and meetings. Great way to fill in any gaps in your schedule and break up the monotony.

- Treat your Wedding guests to entertainment at the cocktail hour, rehearsal dinner or for even more fun at the bachelor & bachelorette party!

- School events like new students high school after prom & graduation lock-ins. At college orientation and give them an experience they can talk about and bond with!


Add new thrills to Your Event

Enhance your already awesome event and elevate its quality. Treat your guests to a little extra entertainment while they wait in line at an outdoor festival, enjoy cocktail hour or as they sit in the lobby before a featured event.

Surprise your eager party go-ers eager with more fun!


Tableside Magic

Weddings, holiday parties, awards dinners, banquets and other cocktail party settings are the perfect venue for Todd to show off his close up magic and mind reading.

In a cocktail hour setting, Todd can hop from group to group while enchanting your guests with his charm and skills. As one table erupts with excitement, the next group will eagerly wait to be dazzled by Todd as he makes his way around the room.