Todd will take you and you group on a magical journey to discover the Walt Disney Company’s ways, as only a magician and cast member can. 

We will explore everyone’s lifelong connection to beloved Disney characters, their captivating stories and how they’ve made such magical parks. It’s important to discuss the history of this Fortune 500 Company to find out why the organization is so successful and see where the company is headed next.

Todd will also talk about the Disney College Program and his experiences working at Disney World. With your new knowledge of the Disney way of thinking, Todd will teach you how to immediately integrate these ideals into your organization. Included are ideas for Disney inspired events for you.

 Best of all, you’ll learn to build better events from the ground up by thinking like a Disney Imagineer! This workshop will take your organization, members and events to infinity and beyond!



To learn and understand the Disney Company's success so you can apply what techniques you learned, to your organization to make it even more successful.

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“Todd is fantastic!”
— Vanessa Rosas, Disney World Ambassador