Being a former Orientation Leader Todd wants your orientation to be a success by making it just as much fun as it is educational.

Todd IS YOUR only option for entertainment!


Orientation Options (explained in sections below)

- Orientation Magic Show. Perfect on its own or paired with a talk.

- Todd can give his talk to New Students, Families or both.

- Bring Todd in to help train your OL Staff

- Todd can be your MC, Master of Ceremonies, for the whole orientation. He can help deliver your content while giving his talks and presenting magic routines throughout the orientation. Guaranteed to break up the monotony and not fall in the trap of long boring student lectures, keeping everyone excited throughout orientation.

Todd can perform his hour+, fully interactive, award-winning magic show to entertain any or all of the groups. The highlight is the straightjacket escape finale where Todd compares the challenges of escaping to the upcoming struggles students will face.

- OLs will use it as a bonding experience as each staff member participates throughout the show.  They will call on each other to accomplish the true magic they find in one another.

- New students will work together to make the impossible happen all while creating orientation memories.

- Families will get to relax, cut loose and enjoy a great show that showcases their new students’ endless possibilities.

Being a full time magician who tours colleges nationwide, with his background as an Orientation Leader, Todd IS YOUR only option for orientation entertainment!

Todd wants your orientation to be a success by making it just as much fun as it is educational. Your staff will learn how to break up the monotony of lectures and attack the problem of new student boredom. Todd will share tips on how to keep new students occupied during the days and entertained through the night. 

This workshop will help prepare the staff for the upcoming orientation. Todd will offer up his insider tricks and tips to for making each session fun and memorable. He will cover everything from how to address potential problems, to the benefit of icebreakers. Todd can speak from experience about what it’s like from each side of orientation, as an OL and a new student, while teaching the importance of understanding the other half.

Todd knows customer service being a Disney Cast Member. He will go over how the Disney Company runs and train your OLs to be like Cast Members themselves.  Your orientation will be staffed with the best possible leaders to represent your school to the fullest.


- Empower your OLs as individuals while still working together as a team

 -Give your staff the tools to help orientation run smoother

-Inspire creativity and change to make orientation more fun for everyone

Todd wants to address and inform new students about important topics they’ll face.  Equipping students with the right knowledge and tools is essential for growth and will create a confident class.

Todd uses magic tricks and illusions to visually illustrate his points to keep everyone interested and engaged. He avoids doing the normal, boring lecture and instead uses storytelling of personal events with humor.


 - Educate students in a fun, new way

- Inform and engage students so they can gain the most from their experiences on your campus

- Treat them as adults and new members to the campus community

- Instill confidence when embarking on this huge new chapter in their lives

Todd gives families a crash course on all things relating to their new student. He gives parents perspective on what to expect during this transition and the upcoming years. Communication is the key idea, creating an easy transition and open relationship for students and parents

A “Heart to Heart” session with parents will address issues and concerns while reassuring them.  No questions are off limits--Todd is honest with families. As a former student and OL, who attended college to be an artist, then perused a career as a magician, Todd’s message is invaluable.  It’s comforting for the parents to hear stories from someone who perused his dreams and made a career out of things people generally look at as 'hobbies.'



- Parents will leave better knowing how to support their student

- Confident parents can effectively guide their children on their journey

- Understanding what a student will really be experiencing

- Shed the worries of the unknown

- Be excited not for- but with- their new student

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