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What is Todd’s Sensory Friendly Magic Show?

Todd modifies his award-winning magic show to accommodate anyone in your community with hypersensitivities. He still does his show but adapts all environmental elements, your physical performing space and uses only moderate light and sound levels with no use of fog or other airborne particulate/smells. This way Todd creates a wonderful experience accommodating everyone!

While performing Todd is aware of social engagement affecting people on the autism spectrum and uses straightforward communication methods. He replaces any loud or potentially shocking show moments. Todd also creates a welcoming environment allowing anyone to express themselves and react however is natural to them, without worrying of judgement or disrupting the magician and the show.

Is this a show just for people with special needs?

Of course not! Todd focuses on making sure to create a comfortable environment and performance for anyone who would benefit from the extra care. Now, everyone can enjoy the same amazing magic show.

I’m interested. Tell me about the show!

Forget what you know about a typical magic act because Todd puts on a different kind of show. Sure, he makes things appear and disappear, he can make objects float in mid-air and even reads minds. The twist: this all happens within just the first 10 minutes!

An impressive array of tricks and illusions along with mind-reading, juggling and comedy—creates an unforgettable, magical experience.  If you want to provide your audience with mesmerizing moments and exceptional entertainment that will create lifelong memories, then Todd’s show is for you!

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- Highly interactive show

- Mind-blowing magic

- Unbelievable mind-reading

- Laugh out loud moments

-  Never before seen tricks

-  Your guests become stars of the show!


Being accommodating will make a huge difference in someones day but their memories of the show, your organization and our kindness will make a lasting impression.

Let Todd help you give a special night to your entire group.


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Show after show Todd draws a crowd and always receives rave reviews. Be Todd's next satisfied client.