Todd will teach creative techniques and give up his tricks on how to put on successful events. These ideas will make each and every event better and increase your attendance.

Students and staff will learn to think differently about planning and executing events.  Thinking outside the box, in a new way, will lay groundwork for a successful event- every time. Todd will go over the power of ad campaigns for events from start to finish and the importance of branding in regards to your organization. He has developed campus marketing techniques and unique advertising ideas that will get your message noticed.

While at your school, Todd will analyze how your campus operates and look at your facilities to come up with ways to improve and customize this talk.

We won’t be talking hypothetical ideas. Everything presented has been tested and proven successful by Todd while in college and more recently, on the road. Best of all, you can immediately implement Todd’s ideas and your new out of the box thinking.



- To train students to think differently about event planning

-Analyzing details that would make their event a success or not

- Teach students specific marketing strategies to increase attendance (avoiding the basics like just using Facebook)

- Give the students concrete examples to inspire their creativity which will better influence their future events

- Get blueprints to build your Advertising Marquee or have Todd make one with your students!



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